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New Internal Projects / Hieronimus I

Q-App – Rate our Cars!

Zuzana Machů, Miroslav Oplt
Our colleagues from GQ will introduce you to a new application Q-App that allows you to rate our cars! You will get to know how the app works and what happens with received ratings. You can even try it on your business smartphone.

Digital Assistants in ŠKODA AUTO

Filip Kulka
Full capacity
A digital assistant (ChatBot) is a very frequently mentioned topic. What is it about? What can it do and what are its strengths? Where do we use it in ŠKODA AUTO and what is its future?

Agility and ŠKODA AUTO

David Žid, Ondřej Kavula
During the WS participants will spin the "wheel of fortune" which chooses a topic from the field of agile projects. Our agile coaches will run it with you in the interactive way.

Green Logistics

Jan Zolák, Petra Sojková
The workshop aimed at green logistics and sustainability in the age of Industry 4.0., modern technologies and the impact of increasing production on the environment.

New Trends / Hieronimus II

Global changes and their effect on businesses

prof. Milan Zelený
Full capacity
Are you interested in changes in the world economy? Why are they accelerating? And what impact do they already have on industries? Will they affect you? Come and discuss with the respected economist!

AI as a Tool in Industry

Daria Hvížďalová (JHV)
Full capacity
Are you curious about why AI is such a popular modern buzzword, and where’s the line between AI and machine learning? This talk will explain the history of this phenomenon and its current use in practice.

The potential of speech technologies

Jakub Škrblík (Phonexia)
Speech technologies offer a wide range of applications - in both business and private life. Come and learn more from one of the biggest experts.

IIoT for Smart Factories

Ondřej Švihálek (Unicorn Systems)
The expert from Unicorn will introduce IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and its unique contribution to smart factories and technology operations.

Quantum Computing – how to use it?

Miroslav Iwachow (IBM)
An expert from IBM will explain the principle of a quantum computer and its use in practice.

Digital Skills / Kolowrat

Innovative Environment / Gallery left

Open Innovations

Roman Šiser, Jana Polášek Filová
Full capacity
Nobody ever built a great thing alone. We will show you how to leverage crowd and collective genius for your challenges.

Mindset to Succeed

Kiril Ribarov, Roman Ráž
Full capacity
Workshop for the courageous about the things which are not directly visible, but influence a lot. E.g., that we have low courage to do and implement new ideas as well as to talk about our f**k ups.

InnoToolbox – How to Innovate?

Petr Holeček
The colleague from InnoTeam will introduce a set of tools for finding creative solutions and their implementation in practice.

Inspiring Inno-Spaces

Zuzana Machů
What do innovative spaces look like in the world? What new high-tech features can be found in the inno-space of G area? We will appreciate your suggestions on this concept.

Ergonomy / Gallery right

VR-AR (no registration) / Gallery back

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